Three particles with coupled channels

The extension of the three-particles formalism to multiple three-particle channels has been carried out by ExoHad members Zack Draper (UW graduate student) and Steve Sharpe (UW, co-PI), in a paper submitted to the arXiv. This is done in the context of the $\pi\pi\eta$ and $K \bar K \pi$ system in isosymmetric QCD, where, if one enforces positive G parity, as well as conservation of $J^P$, there is no mixing with the $2\pi$ or $3\pi$ systems. This two-channel system is suitable for studying the $b_1(1235)$ and $\eta(1295)$ resonances, as long as one ignores coupling to channels with four or more particles.

Papers: arXiv:2403.20064